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What is Homeopathy and Homotoxicology?

Homeopathy is a science based on the Law of Similars or “let like cure like”. For example, a red itchy rash is often relieved by the homeopathic preparation Rhus Tox – which comes from poison oak, something else that can cause our skin to become red and itchy. Homeopathic remedies have been around for over 200 years. They are still classified as “over the counter” medicine and regulated by the FDA.  The unique benefit of these remedies is that there are no known side effects or drug interactions with this form of medicine.   Even a simple aspirin can’t boast such a claim! 

Remedies are made by making dilutions. The more diluted the substance, the higher the potency. For example, Rhus Tox in 30x is a higher potency than 6x. The 6x  means that we took 1 part poison oak to 10 parts dilution medium (usually lactose or alcohol and sterile water) and grind or succuss it. (Succuss means to shake vigorously.) This is now a 1x preparation. Taking 1 part of the 1x and adding it to another 10 parts dilution and grinding or succussing again, we now have a 2x potency, and so forth. By the time we get to 12x, there is nothing left of the Rhus Tox. It's all been diluted out. 

In classic homeopathy, a single remedy at a specific potency is used for a specific condition. As the person heals, the remedy is changed to suit the conditions.  In homotoxicology, multiple remedies (often at multiple potencies) are used to facilitate healing on multiple levels. Both approaches have their place in healing and depend upon the needs of the individual. Most remedies are quite affordable. Many single remedies run about $6.00 for a bottle of 100 tabs and the combination remedies vary between $6.00 to $30.00 for a month's supply. Quite reasonable when compared with prescription drugs and surgery. Especially if you are one of the millions without health insurance.

Skeptics claim that homeopathy is nothing more than sugar pills and response is a placebo effect. However, the FDA still requires a prescription from a medical doctor for some remedies. Why?  If it is just a placebo, why do we need a Rx from a doctor that is very likely untrained in homeopathy and unwilling to prescribe it? The answer is that some remedies work so well that they may create hazards from prescription drugs. For example, someone on insulin who starts using homeopathy to correct the metabolic syndrome, needs to be aware of the Somogyi Effect. This is when the blood sugar drops so low over night, that the liver is forced to release emergency sugar stores into the body to prevent death. In the morning, the person will have a high sugar reading. If one begins to use homeopathic remedies to correct the sugar problem and is unaware of what is happening, they (or their doctor) are likely see the high morning sugar and think they need to increase their night time insulin dose rather than decrease it. This could lower the blood sugar so low so as to cause death. Obviously, we wouldn't want people with diabetes walking into any health food store and buying a homeopathic that could rapidly reduce the need for insulin and cause this effect. They need to work with a trained physician and/or homeopath. 

Prior to the 1930's, medical schools taught homeopathy as well as drugs and surgery. Doctors knew how to use them together. However, creation of the FDA, heavy financial investment into the newly established pharmaceutical industry and advancing surgical industry in the 1930's soon wiped out the old eclectic medical schools in the US. Only the schools that focused heavily on drugs and surgery remained.  While the rest of the world continues to use homeopathy in accordance with standards set by the United States (known as HPUS - Homœopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States), here in the states the vast majority of MD's and DO's are untrained in homeopathy. They know little to nothing about the standards set by our country and their benefits are seldom offered to their patients. Today is it a sad fact that homeopathy is more likely to be ridiculed or scorned as being 'snake oil' or fraud by the majority of doctors. When I recovered from my vasculitis, I returned to my long time family doctor and excitedly presented her with a homeopathic handbook and kit for her own experimentation and as a potential source for helping others. She just rolled her eyes and pushed them back across the table at me and informed me that she was certain homeopathy had NOTHING to do my recovery. How unfortunate! I know homeopathy was pivotal in my healing  and I see it have great positive impact on others almost daily in my office. 

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