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About HummingBird Health

Located off the beautiful shores of Little Traverse Bay in Northern Michigan, HummingBird Health is dedicated to helping those who wish to take an active role in their health, achieve their health goals. We offer a variety of alternative and complimentary healing modalities as well as classes in natural health options. The office is fully "handi-abled" accessible and has some excellent lodging and eating establishments nearby. 

Dr. Bridget 'Bird' Houston, ND NHE is the driving force behind HummingBird Health. She has a Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Medicine and a degree in Natural Health Education from the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education. She has additional training and certification in Homotoxicology, color therapy, sound therapy, environmental toxins, and holistic fertility, conception and childbirth.   

June Houston, CN has a remarkable passion for animals. She started rescuing and healing sick and injured horses at the tender age of 13. She completed high school early and is a graduate of HINT, attaining her Holistic Health Education degree at just age 17. With plenty of hands-on experience from working with her own animals, she loves seeing people and their pets and teaching them all about the holistic health options for themselves as well as their dogs, cats, birds and horses. She is also a Neuro-Acoustic Therapist and offers this remarkable therapy in our offices.

Sue Lanting, CN is a graduate of HINT. She has a passion for all things naturopathic, especially various food based nutritional options and the neuroacoustic therapy.

Dale Houston is our General Manager and Chief Financial Officer. After many years of managing a number of companies, he does his best to keep our overhead low, so we can offer services and products as inexpensively as possible. 


More About Bridget and How HummingBird Health Came to Be

In the fall of 1997, I was diagnosed with idiopathic systemic necrotizing vasculitis. A fancy medical way of saying that for unknown reasons my capillaries and veins were exploding . .  and I was dying. The Allopathic model called for chemotherapy and steroids. However, I was already on steroids on a regular basis for controlling a chronic case of asthma and they were doing nothing to control the vasculitis. The outlook was pretty grim. At best, maybe six months. I had watched my mom suffer through chemo for breast cancer just a few years before and had no desire to die that way. I decided that if I was dying anyway, I had nothing to lose by trying the so-called 'alternative' route. I'm glad I did! I'm still here!!  I no longer have a vasculitis and the asthma that once required multiple inhalers, regular nebulizer treatments and rounds of steroids has been gone for nearly 20 years as well. The sinus and allergy problems have also been corrected. I still have a ways to go. It took me thirty years to destroy my body to the point it almost killed me, if it takes me thirty years to fix it, that's okay. At least now, I know how.

I made some mistakes along my road to recovery. One of the first people I saw was a Master Herbalist who decided that since vasculitis was heart related, I should take lots of red clover, which I was told was good for the heart. A day later I was bleeding worse than ever and called the herbalist back in a panic. I was told if it wasn't working for me, just stop taking it. I found this shocking, frustrating and mostly frightening. Still unwilling to surrender to chemo and death,  I started researching herbs for myself. The herbalist was right about the correlation between red clover and SOME types of heart problems. There was plenty of information out there touting the benefits of red clover for people with heart issues, but very little explanation of how it worked. Then I learned it was loaded with coumarins, as in the drug coumadin... it's an effective blood thinner. Great for those heart folks that need thinner blood, but not so great for a vasculitis person that is already bleeding! And so began a quest to learn HOW things worked. I was completely fascinated, not only by herbalism but the whole realm of naturopathy from acupressure to sound therapy. As I became healthier and stronger,  others with serious illnesses began knocking my door asking for my help. I knew plenty about dealing with vasculitis and my many other health problems, but little about other serious ailments. With plenty of encouragement from my wonderful husband, school followed and HummingBird Health Consultants, llc was born. A health food store and a school of our own to teach others, eventually followed.  

Education continues to be a large part of my life. The more I learn, the more I realize is out there. I will no doubt be a life-long student of natural healing. I have been blessed to learn from some of the best in their fields. They have my deepest appreciation for sharing knowledge that one would likely never find in a book. I also thank my mother, an RN for over 40 years who, despite her training, was willing to take a brave leap off the Allopathic merry-go-round with me.  She is now a 30-year cancer survivor!

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you, either as a client or as student or an attendee of one of our natural health lectures. For class and lecture schedules, see Classes.  To make an appointment, please see our home page for contact information.

Yours in health and hope,




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