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My dog keeps having trouble with his ears. They are almost constantly full of brown smelly stuff and sometimes they even bleed. Poor Buddy is miserable and I’m tired of all the medications, eardrops and trips to the veterinarian. What can I do to help naturally?

This is a very common problem. The infections are usually various forms of yeast, which antibiotics will actually make worse. The antibiotics kill the yeast but also the good bacteria that prevents yeast. So, shortly after stopping the medications, the infection returns. Typically, each infection is slightly worse than the one before which will prompt your vet to prescribe stronger medications including steroids. Thus, a vicious cycle begins.

The real problem, however, is the food you are feeding your pet. Cats and dogs are carnivores (Meat eaters) by nature. Their digestive systems are not designed to handle all the grains and carbohydrate fillers that are common in many foods. So, the very first solution is: Change the diet! There are a number of quality grain-free products available these days. Some animals are unable to handle the dried higher protein kibble, so start with a frozen raw food or a food that is high in protein but uses only barley as the grain. You can also get a grain-free food and mix it with flake or quick barley from the grocery store. Typically, 1 cup kibble to 1 cup re-hydrated barley.

The next solution is to get the “good” bacteria into the animal’s digestive track. These are known as “pro-biotics” (the opposite to “anti-biotics’). The best probiotics contain L.bifidus and at least one form of acidophilus. It is impossible to over feed probiotics. Whatever the body doesn’t need, it will flush. Of course, over doing it is also “flushing” your money! It is best to double the recommend dose on the bottle for a couple of days and then feed according to the bottle’s directions.

If you’ve changed the diet, gotten a good probiotic and are still seeing these ear problems, it’s time to see the naturopath; who can help determine if there is an enzyme problem, a hormone imbalance, a vitamin or mineral deficiency and/or a homeopathic needed.



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