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Does H.I.N.T. offer any financial assistance or scholarships?
Unfortunately we do not offer scholarships or financial assistance at this time. However, we do offer payment plans and several payment options to suit the individual student's needs. Most students utilize low interest credit cards or personal loans from their bank or credit union to help them pay for tuition. Keep in mind that many financial institutions will loan money to students who will have a marketable skill immediately after completion of courses. We will gladly provide your bank or credit union information about the diploma program you have selected upon written request. Anyone currently on unemployment in Michigan may also qualify for re-education funds to help with tuition fees. You will need to contact Michigan Works to determine if you are eligible for tuition assistance.

What happens if I can't take some scheduled classes?
All you need to do is attend the class you missed when it comes around again. Students have up to three years to complete a program from the date they enrolled.

When do I have to pay?
Initial payment of tuition should be at least two weeks before the first class, either the down payment or the entire tuition. If you are on a H.I.N.T. payment plan, the monthly amount is due on the 1st of each month; there is a $40 monthly fee for all late payments. Students who are more than 30 days past due with payments will be ineligible for attending classes until payments are all fees are brought up to date.


Will H.I.N.T. help me find a job?
We do not provide a placement service. However, we do notify graduates and qualified students whenever we are contacted about employment possibilities.

Can I take classes out of order, or maybe combine two years into one?
Yes, though this does require careful planning. There are prerequisites for some classes in most programs and not all classes are offered at all times. So, it will be necessary to work carefully with the class schedules to accommodate multi-diploma program combinations. Often students are able to join a program in the middle of the year or even take classes in two programs at the same time... when scheduling permits.

I live too far to drive each day of classes. Do you have a dormitory or student housing?
We do not have overnight accommodations for students at this juncture. However, we have some excellent hotels, motels or Bed & Breakfast options near by. We will be happy to provide you with a list of the local options.



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