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Meet Our Instructors

Bridget Houston, ND NHE

Bridget is the driving force behind the Hummingbird. She has Doctor of Naturopathy, a Natural Health Education diploma, and certification in several holistic healing modalities, including Homotoxocology. Once diagnosed with a fatal disease, she turned to alternative medicine; which instilled a passion for learning about traditional healing therapies and sharing her knowledge with others. This led to the Hummingbird Health Clinic, the Hummingbird Natural Foods Market and then the Institute. Bridget’s vast knowledge, experience and humor make her a popular guest speaker and an effective educator.


Kathleen Hamill, RN

Kathy attained her nursing degree in 1966 and has spent the better part of her more than four decade nursing career in gynecology and obstetrics. A labor and delivery nurse at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan for over 17 years alone and a former Lamaze Instructor, Kathy has been present for numerous births. Her compassion for her patients and her passion for her field is evident in her classes.


Price DiGiulio, MSOM, LAc

Price holds a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and is the co-founder of Root Health, as well as a Licensed Acupuncturist. Like all of our instructors, Price has years of experience and a passion for learning. His infinite patience and enthusiasm for his field makes his classes fun and informative.


June Houston, CN

June has a remarkable passion for animals. She started rescuing and healing sick and injured horses at the tender age of 13. With plenty of hands on experience from working with clients as well as her own animals, she loves sharing her knowledge and skills with students. June is also our Dean of Students and enjoys watching our students' knowledge and abilities grow with each assignment.


Patricia Riley, CN  


Trish is a graduate of HINT. We were so impressed with her skills and dedication to helping others learn about naturopathy, that we were thrilled when she accepted the offer to teach and share her knowledge with our students. She is particularly passionate about homeopathy and it's applications for mothers, infants and children.




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