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Our sense of smell can have a dramatic impact on our well-being. A therapeutic grade essential oil is unadulterated and derived by steam distillation with low heat and very little pressure. No easy feat when we are talking about steam! Pure, unaltered oils rarely cause allergic reactions and can actually help relieve some allergies. Essential oils have been found in Egyptian tombs and though thousands of years old, due to their careful preparation they are still good. Essential oils have the ability to penetrate and affect cells in 1 to 3 seconds. They can cross the blood/brain barrier and a simple application on the feet will show up in our hair in a mere 20 minutes. Pretty powerful stuff! We’ve seen some amazing results with the combination of sound and essential oils. Raindrop Therapy, which involves a layering of oils along the spine, is a favorite of many clients both well and those facing health challenges.  

Not all oils are created alike. Essential oils and aromatherapy have gained in popularity in North American over the last decade. However, there is much confusion and misinformation about quality essential oils, particularly from the Multilevel Marketing companies. I have the pleasure of carrying oils from Raed Rady, an Egyptian man whose family has been distilling and blending oils for over 2000 years. He has knowledge one would never find in a book and has graciously shared some of that knowledge with me. During a recent conversation with Mr. Rady, he expressed amusement at being approached by people involved in one of the large Multilevel Marketing essential oil companies. They boldly informed him that he did not understand what qualified as a 'good' oil.  Of course nothing could be further from the truth. And while Mr. Rady may find it amusing, we find this misinformation disheartening. We are therefore pleased to educate people about the various grades of oils. Feel free to stop by our office anytime for a quick lesson in oils or for more in depth information, sign up for one our classes.




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