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Dec 4, 2018 - NEW Addition to our Quantum System Analysis!

Thanks to the quantum physics work of greats (like Dr. George Church and the late Dr. Stephen Hawking) and sonocytology research (the discovery that cells make specific sounds when healthy versus when they are under stress or diseased) we now know that our voice can be analyzed for specific information such as nutritional imbalances, whether an illness is being caused by a virus, a bacteria, a parasite, and/or  yeast, etc.  There are several researchers currently working on the ability to screen for specific types of cancer with a simple voice analysis.

With all this new technology, science has led to some pretty exciting developements for helping us to identify individualized options for attaining and maintaining our health. We are thrilled to announce an exciting update to our Quantum Analysis System that allows for voice analysis!
While this voice analysis has some limitations when compared with our usual methods of assessment, this new voice option means we can provide a reliably accurate assessment over the phone! This is mighty helpful for when someone is feeling under the weather and not up to leaving the house, or for those clients that live far away.

What the Voice Analysis can assess:

Top of the list: STRESS

Basic Nutritional concerns: Vitamins, Minerals, the 8 Essential Amino Acids, Enzyme function

Potential risks for a virus, bacteria, fungi/mold exposures, parasite

Potential risks of imbalances in a primary organ such as Liver, Kidney, Heart and circulation, stomach, connective tissues, and bone.

Potential helpful correctors such as specific homeopathic remedies, herbs or herbal combination, etc. which would allow us to create a customized supplement specific to you!

While this voice analysis process is not as comprehensive as our usual face to face visits and assessments, we are happy to have an option for when we need a long distance “band-aid” for someone, or just a quick refining of a nutritional program.




What is Gluten...  And why do we care?

Gluten intolerance and celiac disease is on the rise. Learn more about this common food filler and why it might be the reason you (and your pet) have allergies, acid reflux, bowel issues, exhaustion, skin problems and your infant or child might have failure to thrive.

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NOTE:  We've been receiving a large number of calls about purchasing and/or using Protocel ®, thanks in large part to a number of our  clients who are taking their success stories to the media. While Protocel ® is available on line, we don't recommend trying to treat a serious condition like cancer on your own. Every person is different and has different needs. Make sure you (or your loved one) are working with a qualified health practitioner. 


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