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Quantum Xrroid Computer Interface (QXCI), L.I.F.E. System  and Biofeedback

Also known as 'The Machine', these type of electromagnetic devices monitor signals from the body (via electrodes at the wrists, ankles and forehead) at the speed of a computer. This is similar to the way an EKG reads the function of the heart. We don't actually stick a probe in the heart. Instead, leads are placed on the skin around the heart area and monitors the electrical output of the heart which is then transmitted to the monitor in wave form. Thus the EKG equipment provides a simple and painless opportunity  to see how the heart is doing.  Devices like the QXCI, LIFE, etc, work in a similar fashion, monitoring the electrical stress response and then providing a numerical value for how the body is doing with a number of items like vitamins, minerals, viruses, bacteria, hormones,  etc.; allowing us to identify areas that are showing stress or imbalance. It is just one tool in a variety of tools to help us identify patterns that may indicate an area of the body that needs some attention. And of course, pin point which of the many areas of natural healing about which we may want make the focus of the discussion for that session. 


More About Biofeedback

The work of Hungarian doctor Janos (Hans) Selye showed the world a medicine based on stress reduction and stress control. He showed the negative effects of stress on the body and the physiology. Stress starts by producing acid, which in turn creates an Alarm Response in the body, which will provoke symptoms. If the stress continues, the body will go into an Adaptation stage, which is usually symptom free. Disease progresses as the symptoms reduce. LACK OF SYMPTOMS IS NOT A SIGN OF PERFECT HEALTH. People can have deep disease and be symptom free until the body reaches the Exhaustion phase in which it has run out of resources for coping with long-term stress. Symptoms 'suddenly' become increasingly severe at this stage. Energetic devices like the QXCI or LIFE system can analyze stress and help to reduce it. 

Stress comes in many forms such as toxicity, trauma, nutritional deficiencies, perverse energy, pathogens, allergies, heredity, mental or emotional factors, etc.

There are over 30,000 items programmed into these systems including a number of biofeedback options to help reduce stress and stimulate the body to correct imbalances.   


Just a note: There is a fair amount of misinformation on the internet about natural healing modalities.  Many of these websites claim to be information from a Medical Doctor, when in reality, they are carefully  designed to maliciously and FALSELY accuse many groups - from Naturopaths to Chiropractors - of illegal activities. The LIFE system, QXCI system, etc. are NOT illegal and the vast majority of natural health practitioners using them are doing so -  legally and ethically.





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