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Tips for a Healthy Immune System


  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep
  •  Drink plenty of water, herb teas and fresh fruit or vegetable juices
  •  Get at least 500mg of Vitamin C either through fruits, teas or supplements
  •  If you typically have a low immune system or a lifestyle that increases your exposure to illnesses, take an immune boosting supplement like Multimmune or Elderberry Plus and use a homeopathic remedy like Citomix or Flu Plus
  •  Stress is the greatest hazard to health. If you have a high stress lifestyle, use flower remedies and essential oils to help keep your nervous system functioning at its best.


  • Do a cleansing bath – Just add 1-cup apple cider vinegar and ˝ cup sea salt or baking soda to a hot bath and soak for at least 15 minutes. You can get even more out of the bath by adding Bentonite clay and herbs like yellow dock, violet leaf or sage  
  •  Take a dose of GUNA Flu - Clinical trails in Europe have shown this homeopathic remedy to be more effective than the flu shot without any side effects when taken weekly. 
  •  Apply an essential oil to the bottom of your feet, oils like Thieves or the respiratory blend work nicely


  • Do the Egyptian Liver cleanse – we need a healthy liver in order to wage war on bacteria and viruses
  • Get Raindrop therapy (a layering of essential oils along the spine)
  • When in doubt, ee your naturopath to make sure you’re getting the best support for a healthy body


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