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Color and Sound Therapies

Everyone has a favorite piece of music… something that moves them and speaks to their soul. The same can be said of color. Hundreds of years ago, Gregorian Monks used chanting to heal and color has long been symbolic in many cultures. But, as science evolved these forms of therapy lost credibility. “Sound or color capable of healing? Ridiculous!” the scholars cried, “We have no scientific proof of that.” The scholars are now eating those words as science continues to advance. We now use ‘blue’ lights for jaundiced babies and when genetic researchers first tried splicing genes to make genetic modifications, they discovered that only specific frequencies of color or sound could heal those broken DNA strands! While geneticists seem to prefer lasers, we use chromatic light filters and tuning forks for this therapy.

We have seen some impressive results using a combination of essential oils and the tuning forks. 

Skin conditions often respond nicely to a combination of essential oils, tuning forks and color therapy.

Color therapy is especially helpful for those of us that live here in the North where winter and a lack of sun can cause what is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Just 20 minutes once a week, lounging in a chair or on the massage table under the light often does wonders for those of us that don't get enough sunlight in the winter.



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