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Facing serious illness?  There is HOPE!

Many times people are very ill before they seek out other means of health. The most common question I hear is "I've been diagnosed with an incurable disease. Can any of this stuff really help me?"  I was once diagnosed with a dreadful disease, too. Nearly two decades later I'm still here! And so-called 'alternative' medicine has now become a passion for me. None of us will live forever. However, there is still so much we have yet to discover... look what happened with color and sound. According to current laws of physics, the hummingbird cannot fly. Yet it is the most agile flier in the bird kingdom. I believe health is in the hands of the individual and we all have the potential to amaze 'modern' medicine and achieve our health goals. As you can see, I named my practice after this belief. So let me say once again, "There is always hope! "  ~ Bridget  ~

 HummingBird Health is the result of Dr. Bridget Houston's success in defeating a life threatening illness and a desire to help others learn about natural healing. We are dedicated to helping individuals who wish to take an active role in their health, accomplish their goals. We offer a wide range of alternative and complimentary health options including classes in natural healing modalities.

Some of the services we provide are:

Nutrition & Herbal Counseling
Muscle Response Testing
Iridology & Tongue Assessment
Electro-Transdermal Assessment
Flower Remedies
Essential Oil & Raindrop Therapy

**We are pleased to announce the addition of Neuro Acoustic Therapy!**


If you are new to Naturopathy, please visit our "What is...?" section for information about the above services and products. You are also welcome to contact us with questions or requests.


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For legal reasons, we are only able to answer health questions from clients and students of Hummingbird Health Consultants, llc. 


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