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Broths and Stews - alkalizing, tasty, energizing and tummy taming

Egyptian Liver Cleanse  the liver is responsible for some 500 hundred functions in the body (and we suspect as many as 5000). A clogged liver has been known to cause a variety of ailments: Headaches, hormone problems, obesity, constipation, kidney stress, digestion problems, gallbladder problems, weak immune system, seasonal affective disorder,   just to name a few.  Keeping your liver clean can do wonders for helping to improve our health.

Fermented Wheat Germ Bread  -   Fermented wheat germ is an approved cancer treatment in Hungary.  Here is a flavorful bread recipe for getting this nutritional powerhouse into your diet. 

Green Drink and other blender drinks  - Live food makes for live bodies!  These tasty drinks are better than a multivitamin and often less expensive.

Pesto Tasty options for improving hormones, eliminating parasites and preventing heavy metals from accumulating in our bodies.

Cheesy Artichoke HeartsA warm and tasty low calorie and low carb recipe. Great for diabetics!

Crepes -   Easy and fun to make.

More goodies coming soon!



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